Cliff March 28th, 1944

February 6

Dangerous Blondes

Dangerous Blondes

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

Received your V-mail of the 12th last night and Mom’s V-mail of the 17th came today. Lorne’s letter to you sure came in good time- there couldn’t have been any delay in coming.

I’ve eaten most of the goodies you sent now- the cheese and rye crackers was a very good treat. I’d like some more of that sometime. The candy bars, mints and chocolates were good, too. The nuts were a little soggy so you had better not send anymore of them. Thanks again for everything!

I’m going to a show in a little while- it’s called ‘Dangerous Blondes’. We have four or five a week in our own area. It’s been raining all day today and it was a relief from this hot sun. I am feeling fine.

Write often.

Love, Cliff”

  • Helen Spencer

    Do you think he meant 4 or 5 shows, or 4 or 5 dangerous blondes!!?
    Enjoying the letters. Just started the serialisation of my Uncle’s frm WWII (England) too here, if you’re interested…

  • admin

    Hi Helen,

    Thanks for reading and so cool that you have your Uncle’s letters as well. Love the site and I look forward to reading all your letters too!


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