Beany April 5th, 1944

February 7

American GIs Go Fishing In UK

American GIs Go Fishing In UK

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

Almost another month has slipped by- time goes fast here but old Father time is creeping up on me too. I’m beginning to feel my age some already but if things ever cease I think I’d soon forget that.

Another Sarge and I are going to Belfast soon for a few days. We had planned to go to London but cannot go at present due to transportation. There are quite a few things to do here in Ireland, tho. But naturally it will never be like the furloughs at home.

We still haven’t been beaten in basketball and it looks like we might win the Division Championship.

There are signs of Spring around now and we are near some water so it keeps me reminded of good old summertime in Minn. Suppose you’ll be going fishing soon.

I’ll try to get you something in Belfast and will write the next letter from there!

Love, Beany

P.S. Here’s a request for some cookies, candy and anything else you can buy. We get nothing here except toilet articles. Thanks a lot.”

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