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Lorne April 12th, 1944

February 14

Susan and Milly

Susan and Milly

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

Thanks for your Easter card and V-mail letter. I’m becoming more curious all the time to see and meet Jean. You know I’m always interested in a pretty girl. The only trouble is that when I’m home I get so interested in Milly and Susan that I’m sure I don’t devote enough time to all the other pretty girls. Every time I think about Milly my head goes around and around.

I’m sorry I failed to mention that I had received the snapshots you spoke of. Certainly I received them. That’s where I got the pretty girl idea about Jean. And I also got the birthday card.

It will be three years in July since I was last home. It’s a long time, but I see no hope of returning for a long time yet. The so-called rotation policy simply means that after two years overseas you are eligible to go home on rotation, but the percentage allowed to go home is so small that in this outfit we just abandon all hope. We have a high percentage of soldiers with 4, 5, and 6 years overseas service and this is a regular army outfit. So we just stay on and on.

Wish I could see Milly and Susan.

Always, Lorne”

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