Cliff April 16th, 1944

February 15

Care Packages For The Troops, WWII

Care Packages For The Troops, WWII

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

Your latest letter is the V-mail of March 30th. Mom has been writing almost every day and my mail has been coming regularly. I received your Easter card on April 8th- thanks so much!

Lorne is now a Lt. Col. His letter of April 11th reached me in one day. He has sure been doing very well!

You asked for suggestions for my birthday- I have about everything I need out here. A package of food would be O.K. Mildew is a big problem here so anything made of leather would be definitely out- the only thing I need is a billfold but I don’t want a new one until I get out of the tropics. Just send a package of goodies and that will be fine.

I haven’t been fishing for a couple of weeks now. In my spare time I’ve been going to shows and writing letters.

Bye for now.

Love, Cliff”

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