Cliff April 22nd, 1944

February 16

Camps On Espiritu Santo, New Hebrides

Camps On Espiritu Santo, New Hebrides

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

Received your V-mail of April 7th yesterday. Tonight three letters came from Mom & Milly- also a Mpls. paper.

I’m on C.Q. at our Detachment Headquarters tonight. Last night I saw a show here- a service men’s band played before the picture. They were very good.

Mom wrote that Inga had received the coconut I sent-did you get yours? Jean, it is swell of your mother to make cookies for Beany and I. I’ll be looking for the package- homemade cookies will be a real treat. Greet your family for me.

Your V-mails are easy to read, Jerry. Your writing is small but you can write more that way- your airmail letters should be here soon.

Today has been cloudy with a good breeze from the ocean so it’s quite cool. This tropical sun can get very hot, though. I am living in a new barracks now and have more  room so I’m quite comfortable. I like my work very well.

What are you doing at work now, Jerry? How are things at Ward’s, Jean?

Bye for tonight.

Love, Cliff”

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