Cliff April 27th, 1944

February 20

Laundry Service, WWII

Laundry Service, WWII

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

Received your box of candy last night- it is delicious and it came just as nice as it was packed. Thank you a lot! I also received your air-mail letter of April 2nd and Mom’s card of the 15th- her card was sent from Appleton. She said that she was having a nice time there.

I’m expecting word from Beany again soon- I answered Lorne’s letter a few days ago. By now you have heard that he is a Lt. Col- nice going, eh!

Got a letter from Dolores the other day- she was anticipating her trip to New York. She must have a nice job. I’m glad that Mom gave you money for your gifts. What did you buy?

I am living in new barracks now and have more room so I’m quite comfortable. We started getting laundry service, too, this week. I certainly appreciate that.

Thank you again for the candy! Write often.

Love, Cliff”

  • Gayle Nelson

    That’s a washing machine? Not sure I’d put my clothes in there-ha!

  • Ljnelson56

    I guess you could pound them on a wet rock.

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