Cliff April 29th, 1944

February 21

Picking Coconuts

Picking Coconuts

Dear Jean & Jerry,

Received your air-mail of the 11th- was glad to hear that you received the coconut. Why don’t you eat it? The milk is best in the ripe ones. I’ll send you another anytime you say the word.

I just finished writing to Beany and to Mom, Milly & Susan. I haven’t heard from Beany is almost two weeks. He has probably been on his furlough. I hope he had a nice time.

I’d appreciate getting some recent snapshots of you- do you have trouble buying film? Why don’t you type all your letters, Jerry? It would give you more practice now that you are typing at work. How do you like office work? Will either of you be taking vacations this year or are they out for the duration?  I imagine you’d like to do some fishing, Jerry.

Bye for tonight.

Love, Cliff”

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