Cliff May 20th, 1944

March 2

Native Huts Espiritu Santo, New Hebrides

Native Huts Espiritu Santo, New Hebrides

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

Thanks for the nice birthday card and your letter of the 4th. I received four cards and seven letters in the past two days- which included another letter from Lorne. I’m quite sure I know where he is located. I’d sure like to see him but I doubt if that will ever happen out here.

I want to apologize for not remembering your anniversary- I hope you had a very pleasant day together. Congratulations are in order- forgive me for being late.

Milly wrote of her and Susan’s trip to Appleton. I sure enjoy hearing of the things that Susan says and does. She is sure a sweet little girl!

I haven’t heard from Beany recently but I’m glad to hear that you are getting letters from him. Greetings to your family, Jean. How about a few lines from you? Is Jerry a good boy? How are things at Wards?

Bye now- write often.

Love, Cliff”

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