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Beany May 22nd, 1944

March 6

Eisenhower Visits Troops In England

Eisenhower Visits Troops In England

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

Sorry it’s been so long since you heard from me. I’ve been away at a British Camp for some schooling and just returned. It was very interesting but I find it difficult to like the British as much as we are expected to. There are exceptions, of course, and I met some swell fellows.

It’s too bad you kids have to move after being settled so well. Are you still going to live in the same neighborhood? Be sure and fix up a corner for me when I get back and pay you visits. I think that davenport is a little short!

We had a pleasant surprise when Gen. Eisenhower visited an area. He was a good looking Officer and I’m convinced he is a good man to be under. We were all quite thrilled. Sorry I can’t tell you more of it in detail. I’ve seen nearly all our high officials now.

I know I write a lot of things the same in Mom’s and your letters but material is scarce around here. I see you are helping them out with a lot of their work- that’s swell of you. So our green job is still buzzin’ along. I’d sure love to drive it again or I’d settle even to be near enough to see it.

Did Jean profit any from the gov’t's seizure of Wards? It’s about time they were brought to decent justice.

Your pkge was graciously received and please thank Mrs. Schlorhaufer for the chocolate chips. They were still very fresh and delicious altho we share the packages and I only survived a few for myself. You should see the eyes focused on one when a pkge comes in!

I have about nine letters on my nights schedule and I’ve written most of the news so please understand the shortness of some of my letters.

Love, Beany

P.S. Will you see if you can buy a good overseas cap with a blue braid-size 7 1/4. Thank you. (O.D. Color)”

This letter didn’t actually pass the Army censor and was held for delivery until May 1945.

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