Cliff June 28th, 1944

March 23

Operation Epsom, June 28th, 1944

Operation Epsom, June 28th, 1944

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

Tonight I received your V-mail of the 19th and three letters from Mom. I imagine you are having a wonderful time at the lake this week- I’d sure like to be with you! How was fishing and what did you catch? If you took any pictures be sure to send me some. I enjoy seeing snapshots very much. I received ten of them from you and Mom in the past few days.

It was very nice of Ward’s to bring carnations for Dad’s grave on Father’s Day. I’m glad you go out to Sunset so often.

We should be hearing from Beany soon. No doubt his outfit will see action before it’s over. All we can do is hope and pray that nothing happens to him. I’m sure he’ll come out all right.

I wrote to Lorne last Sunday. I think he is still in the same place. A fellow in our outfit has a brother in the same unit.

Write often.

Love, Cliff”

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