Cliff July 27th, 1944

March 29

USO Show, South Pacific 1944

USO Show, South Pacific 1944

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

It’s just a week now since I wrote you last. I’ve been waiting for a letter from you but nothing has arrived since your V-mail of July 9th. You probably have written air-mail which is usually slower than V-mail.

Tonight I received letters from Mom & Dolores dated July 16th. I’ve had no word from Beany since his letter of June 25th.

Today I saw a U.S.O. show in our Red Cross building. It was very good. Tonight we have the movie called ‘Up In Mabel’s Room’. Have you seen it?

I’m glad that Mom went to Appleton- an occasional trip out there will do her good. She wrote than she had seen some of the boys back from overseas.

I imagine that Winnie and Milton are a very happy couple now that they are married. Have you heard from them? How’s everything at work? Hope to get a letter from you soon.



  • Susan Ward Jurries

    Today is the 100th anniversary of the birth of my dad:  Lorne Sanford Ward was born in Minneapolis, MN to Charles and Jennie Anderson Ward on March 29, 1912.  He attended Marshall High School, the University of MN (BA-MA education), superintendent of schools, US Army colonel, WWII vet in the South Pacific (was on Oahu Dec. 7th,1941 as well), MN National Guard ,  married to Mildred Nelson, two children.  Died at age 64.  I miss him every day… 

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