Cliff July 30th, 1944

March 30

Granville, France residents welcoming American liberators

Granville, France residents welcoming American liberators

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

Received the pictures and your letter of July 19th- the pictures were good and I enjoyed them very much. I’ve gotten several letters and newspapers this past week but nothing from Beany. Hope you have heard from him.

The news is good from everywhere. I don’t see how Germany can last much longer. Received a letter from Winnie about their wedding. I wrote to them last night.

How do you like working at Cudahy’s, Jerry? Do you mind being transferred so often?

I slept late this morning and spent the afternoon reading a couple of Mpls. Sunday papers. I’m going to a movie tonight. I haven’t heard from Lorne in over a month now. I sent him five more issues of the Appleton Press yesterday.

Glad you received the coconut. Did you eat the other one? Thanks again for the pictures.



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