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Beany October 28th, 1944

April 3

Battle For Hurtgen Forest

Battle For Hurtgen Forest

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

Well kiddos your brother is a proud and happy lad these days. I’ve been given the swellest award in the Army and watch me prove to them that I am worthy of it. I wrote Hada and gave her all the details about the ceremony, etc. so I’ll skip that in this letter.

We aren’t very active at present so maybe I can write more now. Can’t tell what our next job will be but we are inching towards the end and what a day that will be. I may have to go to the Pacific if it doesn’t end at the same time, as officers may not be released as fast. Altho with my awards, length of service home and abroad and combat service I know I’ll have enough points. Maybe I will get released so in case be sure you guys save some of that Select! The party will be on me when we get there.

I’m glad Lorne likes his home and will soon be a civilian again. He rightly deserves the best after all his deeds in the Army. I’ll bet his gang and you kids are having a swell time celebrating. Drink one for me to wash down the new bars. That’s an order!

Suppose winter is settling in way over there and everyone is preparing for Xmas. Thanks for the pkgs you have sent and I only wish I could wrap some for all of you but I’ll have to ask Hada to be my helper.

Dolores has a new rating too. She has done a grand job and I’m very proud to know she is going to be mine. It must be difficult for her at times to have to wait so for her fling at happiness but I’ll make up for this marked time and this love thru the mail. Wish only half my post war dreams would come true- then I’d be the most contented lad alive. Can’t hardly remember the old days anymore.

Nice to hear our old green job is still purring so well. Think it would get to the pier to meet me when the whistle blows?

I have to write Cliff now so read Hada’s letter and you’ll get more info about the new officer. Also go see Lorne and learn how to give a proper salute when you see more or I’ll chew your – - -. He can tell you what that means in Army terminology!

Best wishes to everyone and good luck to you both. If it is possible I could use a good cigarette lighter (when I have cigarettes). Hada will give you some money for me.

Love, Beany”

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