Cliff November 20th, 1944

April 4

In 1944, The Army Took Over Hotels In Hot Springs, Arkansas

In 1944, The Army Took Over Hotels In Hot Springs, Arkansas

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

I received Mom’s letter of Nov. 3rd with a write up about Beany and a copy of the two letters you received from his commanding general. It was all very nice. I got his letter of Oct. 14th but he didn’t mention either that award or promotion. Evidently it came through soon after that. We can be very proud of him!

I took some snapshots last Sunday but we had a bum camera so they didn’t turn out very good. I’m going to try some more today with the camera I received from Mom.

Mom wrote that Lorne was going to Hot Springs, Ark. for a rest. Camp Robinson is only sixty miles from there- where I took my basic training.

I received a letter from Winnie. She said they enjoyed the trip home very much and that she received so many nice things at the shower Mom & Milly had for her. Yes, I’ll bet you enjoyed going out with those kids again.

Had a letter from Buck Karstadt, too. He moves around quite a bit and I guess his job will keep him in the States- lucky guy!!

I am looking forward to receiving your Xmas package. I know I’ll enjoy it very much.

Write often. I am fine.

Love, Cliff”

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