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Beany November 26th, 1944

April 6

American Troops March Down Champs Elysees

American Troops March Down Champs Elysees

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

Found time to have another chat with you- we are more or less idle at present and I am very thankful. Still expect to go to Paris soon. Will try to pick out everyone a souvenir of some sort.

Winter is here and all my thoughts are of Xmas and home. Wish I could mix a few Tom and Jerrys with you this year but must hold our patience awhile longer.

Guess you were surprised to find out about my achievements but it was just part of the game. They always flower those things up, you know. I am really happy about them but my big concern is getting home and settle down out of the way of this topsy world.

Hope you are both fine and in good health. Have a nice Xmas together and keep praying we can be together for the next one.


Brother Beany”

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