Cliff December 4th, 1944

April 11

Summary Of The 31st's Time So Far In The Pacific

Summary Of The 31st's Time So Far In The Pacific


“The days spent in tents joined by a network of muddy pathways and lighted only by the use of tallow candles which served best in attracting the thousands of varieties of swarming insects have long since been forgotten by the men of the 31st but in spite of events of the past 12 months which have brought about many such improvements, not one man will deny that it will be a great day when the Golden Gate again comes into view for those who watched it fade out of sight over a year ago but until that time comes, the 31st will carry on in the high tradition to which it is accustomed with the knowledge and satisfaction that much has been accomplished and that those accomplishments are written in army records all the way to Washington.

The war is not over and all that the future holds for the 31st, time alone can tell but one thing is certain, the 31st will be doing its job where there is a job to be done with one thought foremost in the minds of its constituents, the early and successful conclusion of hostilities against our enemies.”

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