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Beany December 5th, 1944

April 12

8th Division In Kleinhau, December 1944

8th Division In Kleinhau, December 1944

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

Another month started and a year since I left the good old U.S. It seems endless at times even tho the papers at home seem to think otherwise. But, of course, anything can happen and we are all keeping our fingers crossed.

Received your Xmas pkge with the cheer, socks, candy, etc. It was very delicious and the card was beautiful. The nicely wrapped articles and card made me think of being with you at Xmas but it looks dark. Even opening the gifts help make it seem like Xmas to me but every day is the same here.

I’ve practically forgotten Paris already as it was a short pass and now that I’m back ducking shells it seems like it was only a dream. I had no time to shop as stores were closed the days I was there but I managed to send Hada and Laurie some nice perfume. You can use some of it Jean and after the war I promise that I’ll send everyone something nice from here.

The write ups I got in the papers were nice but I certainly don’t care for any publicity and I am no hero. Heroes are plentiful, I’ll admit, and very seldom are recognized. The real thing I care about is returning safely and drift away to a quiet place to live a peaceful life. I might even settle in some small town and do nothing but play golf and relax.

Has your game improved any, Jerry? Or will I still have to spot you a stroke a hole. Nice to hear you still have the old Plymouth running smoothly. I have a picture of it and now and then reminisce the old days when were flying high. Remember Louie, Joe and the rest and ‘Do I Worry’?

Here’s hoping all of you have a nice Xmas and I’ll be thinking of you that day. Are you going to play Santa again this year, Jerry? Say Jerry I asked Mom to buy everyone a gift from me. Now will you buy something for her and let me know what it costs. Spend what ever you like.

Love, Beany”

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