Cliff December 13th, 1944

April 16

Snow On The Siegfried Line

Snow On The Siegfried Line

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

Your last letter is of Nov. 19th so I expect mail from you tomorrow. I have received Mom’s V-mails of Nov. 28th & 29th and a letter from Beany dated Nov. 13th. At that time he said he was getting a rest and was feeling fine. He said there was snow on the Siegfried Line now, so he must have been close to the front.

I am enclosing two pictures of myself taken in our area- I’ll try to have some more for you soon.

One of the boys just came in and said we have a truck load of mail at the post office so I imagine we’ll be getting more Christmas packages. I still have some food left from the first ones I received.

Have you mailed the picture album yet? I want to put in all the pictures I have of you folks at home and also some I have of the boys here, the natives, and the clippings and pictures of Beany concerning his award and promotion. Mom mentioned sending more snapshots which I should receive soon.

Well, I imagine you are busy getting ready for Xmas now. I know that Jerry will be the Santa Claus again this year! Greetings to your family, Jean.

Love, Cliff”

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