Beany December 15th, 1944

April 17

Postcard From Paris, December 1944

Postcard From Paris, December 1944

Dear Jean and Jerry,

I just returned from that short pass in Paris and I really had a wonderful time. It is a beautiful place and very artistic. People are very gay and enjoy life. I had little time to shop as stores weren’t open while I was there but after the war I will send everyone something nice. I managed to get Hada and Laurie some perfume. You can use some of it Jean.

Your pkge arrived and it was very good. The cheer was tasted first- good old bourbon was a treat. The nice wrapped articles make me think of Xmas at home. Just so all of you enjoy yourself I can manage O.K. I am glad you are as proud as I am but the publicity was unnecessary. It was all in the line of duty- my concern is to continue to hold my luck.

I sent you a history book of our Division up to the present time so you can read what we’ve done. Hope you have a nice Xmas. We had turkey on Thanksgiving but it had to be eaten after dark.

Love, Beany”

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