Beany December 18th, 1944

April 18

Opening Xmas Packages

Opening Xmas Packages

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

Rec’d your letter and the beautiful card. I’m still munching on your Xmas pkge but the Paul Jones didn’t last very long. Your pkgs have comes so far and they sure do help my Xmas morale. After those couple of days of decent living and enjoyment in Paris, I have become homesick. Sure wish it would end soon as I am growing very tired.

Suppose you are all busy with your presents and Xmas holidays. Are you going to play Santa for Susan this year or has she grown out of that stage?

I’m feeling fine and at present am in a rather comfortable place. Of course we never know when we’ll take off again.

Not much news to write about as the same old thing goes on each day. What a day when it stops and we start sweating out a trip home. It’s even hard to imagine anymore. Keep praying for me!

Love, Beany”

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