Beany December 25th, 1944

April 23

Hospital Ward Christmas, 1944

Hospital Ward Christmas, 1944

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

I had a slight back injury when I was thrown from a jeep. It’s not serious but I’ll get a nice rest out of it and it will be a month or six weeks til I get my mail so all your pkgs and letters will pile up.

I had a nice Xmas dinner today and am really enjoying some good sleep in a bed with sheets!!! The going has been rough lately and the next couple of months may be nastier but we are hoping for the best.

Hope you had a nice Xmas and New Years. I suppose you were all together and had fun passing the gifts around.

Remember now, I won’t be commenting on your mail as I won’t see it for awhile.

Love, Beany”

  • Helen Spencer

    Still enjoying these! Interesting comparing notes from across the Pond with US Army v (my uncle in the) British RAF too.  I will give you a mention each week/link in my Posts! Helen

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