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Cliff December 26th, 1944

April 24

American Troops In The Ardennes, Battle Of The Bulge

American Troops In The Ardennes, Battle Of The Bulge

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

I just finished  a letter to Mom and now I must write to you and Beany. I received your letter of Dec. 10th last night- also a letter from Mom, Milly, Beany and cards from Lila, Winnie and Milton.

The letter from Beany is dated Nov. 29th. He had been to Paris on a leave and said he had a very good time. I wonder if he is in the area of the recent German offensive. The news hasn’t been so good the past few days from over there.

It will be nice for Lorne, Milly and Susan to be together again. I’m so glad that Lorne could be home for Christmas.

I hope you have received mail from me by now. I write usually once a week, at least. As you can imagine, there isn’t much to write about from a place like this.

Sounds like you have a much better job now, Jerry. I hope you will like it. How far do you drive each day, Jerry? Do you take Jean to work?

Mom sent me a copy of Beany’s citation- it is certainly nice, isn’t it! Milly wrote three times from Arkansas. Hot Springs must be a very nice place. I never had the opportunity to visit there while I was at Camp Robinson.

Hope you had a very enjoyable Christmas. I’ll be waiting to hear all about it. Happy New Year!

Love, Cliff”

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