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Nellie January 1st, 1945

May 2

Officers Quarters, Fort Benning, GA

Officers Quarters, Fort Benning, GA

“Dear Kids,

Happy New Year!

I just finished writing to the boys and wrote on six cards to send out. The folks are to a New Yr’s party and Susan is sleeping so I’m sitting here all by myself but I’m going to see the old yr out and the new year in with a prayer for my boys and hope them home safe.

I got a letter from Cliff dated Dec. 17 and a Xmas card from Beany dated Nov. 24. Hope all is well with them both.

The folks were to a party last night to. I felt bad cause it was a yr since Dad died but such is life. Lorne doesnt feel good unless hes on a move.

Today we drove to Columbus, Ga and had dinner. That is 7 miles from here. We seen soldiers all over and such terrible homes. Lorne said they wasnt bad to what he has seen in all his travels.

The house here is nice but the rooms are large and its painted white the wood work. We sure will have some work to go all over it. I cant help but laugh at Milly. Shes all in already. There is a study room, front room, dining room, kitchenette and pantry ,and kitchen, with a large hall downstairs, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and closets upstairs. The floors are real nice tho and a lovely yard and beautiful trees. Ivy grows wild here.

Outside is the main road to Columbus and jeeps, trucks, cars and soldiers travel by the house every minute and my bedroom faces the road and talk about noise. They practice firing so much and I think of my Beany everytime a shoot goes. It sure isnt a lonesome place.

They are driving out here now and soldiers singing to beat the band. New Year’s Eve I guess. Last nite some soldiers got stuck out here with this motorcycle and talk about noise they made and mad.

Today I wore only my blue suit and I sweated like every thing it was so warm so it must be terrible in the summer here. Sniffy is fine only there are trees here and bushes and he gets wood ticks so now I keep pulling them out. One thing and then another with him. He has to go where ever Lorne goes.

Susan has a cold and coughs quite hard. There was quite a bit of furniture here and we sleep now on army beds. I wrote and told the boys so. The first nite we were here we were asked out for supper.

Well dears, I’ll write again the middle of the week. I’m really lonesome for yous and now write to me or else.

Much love,


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