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Cliff January 4th, 1945

May 3

Nellie, Lorne, Sniffy, Susan, And Milly Before Leaving Minnesota

Nellie, Lorne, Sniffy, Susan, And Milly Before Leaving Minnesota

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

Last night I received your V-mail of Dec. 20th- also two from Mom dated the 18th and 20th.

I was quite surprised to hear that Mom was going with Milly and Lorne to Georgia. She had mentioned that they wanted her to come along but I didn’t think she would go. It is probably better for her to be with Milly & Susan, though. It wouldn’t do for her to stay alone. She said she may come back in a couple of months- then Sniffy will stay with Milly and Lorne until they come home on a furlough again.

Tonight is New Year’s eve which will be just another night here. I hope the New Year will bring us all home again.

My last letter from Beany is of Dec. 4th. No doubt he has seen a lot of action the past couple of weeks. The news sounds better for the time being. It looks as if the war will last a long time yet.

I’ll be waiting to hear the news about your Christmas. Did you take some pictures of your tree? We had decorations in our day room and mess hall. Happy New Year to all!



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