Nellie January 5th, 1945

May 7

Hanging Laundry

Hanging Laundry

Dear Jerry & Jean,

I rec’d your letter and pictures today. Thank you so much. It sure done me a lot of good as I must say I get lonesome for you. I also got 2 letters from Cliff. One dated Dec 18 and 23. He thinks the folks have moved and I’m in Robbinsdale so he wrote me a 5 page letter he said some day Mom will have a home of her own again. He is a wonderful boy to his mother. His letter really was just grand. Bless his heart.

I havent heard from Beany yet I hope all is well. They have been fighting terrible there now and lost a lot men so I’m just so worried about him. All we can do for him is to pray for him.

Today Milly Susan and I went with two ladies to Columbus and done some shopping. The weather today was just like a summer day at home. Many people didnt even wear a coat. I wore my fur coat and did I sweat.

We are all settled downstairs now and it really looks nice. We have our upstairs yet to do. Lorne and Milly bought a cute chair for the front room to match her set and she got a pretty shade today for her lamp, the one you boys gave her.

Tomorrow a woman is coming to wash and iron. She does them both for $2.00. The clothes dry here in 2 hrs. She does it all in the basement and eats her meals in the kitchen.

I wrote to the boys tonite to. Sniffy is fine. I still pick a few wood ticks now and then. He sleeps with me in my bedroom on a rug right by my bed. When Lorne is home hes with him all over.

I hope it isnt to cold back home. Dress well and dont go without warm clothes Jerry to work. Wear the sweater Dad and I gave you.

Its a year now since Dad left. A yr Jan 3 since his funeral. Cliff mentioned it, in his letter. It will be nice for you kids to come out here next summer. I know I wont stay that long. I just couldnt. I have my things to, to look after.

I plan to get a home of my own when I come back and get all my things together. I hate to think of all those clothes hanging in someones home but I expect to be here for awhile. A couple of months thats all.

I wrote to the boys and told them I was getting all our stuff together soon as I got back.

Well I must close for now and I’ll write again very soon. Greetings from us all. Hope you are both fine. Write.

Love Mom”

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