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Nellie January 8th, 1945

May 14

The Infantry School, Fort Benning, Georgia

The Infantry School, Fort Benning, Georgia

“Dearest Kids,

Today has been Sunday. It was a very nice warm day. Lorne took us for a ride all around the Post and tonite we were to a show. It was ‘Here Comes The Waves’ with Bing Crosby. It was about 3 ladies there besides Milly and I. All the rest was army men. I really enjoyed it and I seemed so close to  my boys. It was a bunch who is soon ready to leave.

We are now soon thru settling and it really looks nice. But we are both tired to. Milly has it just as nice as in Robbinsdale.

I got a letter from Cliff written on Christmas day. I have gotten 4 letters from him written on 17-18-23-25 and I got one from Beany written on Dec 2nd. He told me about his trip to Paris and said he had sent Dolores and I perfume. He was in good spirits. Poor boy. I cant sleep at nite and I force myself to eat. I worry so about him after this terrible attack they just had. I do hope I hear soon. Let me know right away when you hear from him.

Jerry do you think you will be called on this new draft? Some more for me to worry about. I do hope you dont. Lorne said he didnt think you would.

Sniffy is fine. Hes laying by me now snoring. He sleeps right by my bed. The cars are driving by and its such a noise.

I wrote to Marten often about mine and Cliff’s annual passes as I havent gotten them for this yr yet. I wrote to both the boys tonite and send some clippings I get in the Mpls Star paper. I ordered the weekly and Sun for 5 weeks. Cost me $2.00. I cant be without that paper and the Press I havent gotten yet. I seem so far away from everybody.

Say Jean isnt your Mom’s birthday Jan 18? Please let me know soon. I have a paper ready to mail to you just to see what thy are like here. I’ll send you something when I get to town again. ‘I’m in the army now!’.

Is it very cold there? You must write me often but I dont expect you to write to much as I know you are tired when you come home from work. Ill write again soon. Greetings from us all.


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