Cliff January 10th, 1945

May 15

US Postal Money Order

US Postal Money Order

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

Received your letter of Dec. 25h- I’d sure like to have been with you at your Xmas tree. I’ll bet is was lots of fun. It reminds me of all the nice Xmas’ we had at home when we were all together. I hope those days will come soon again.

I see you both received many gifts. Glad you liked the blanket from Beany and I. I enjoyed my Christmas packages and cards very much and I want to thank you once again.

I am enclosing a money order for one hundred dollars which I’d like to have you take care of for me until Mom comes to Mpls again. I may send the next one to her if she wants me to send money to her there. I thought she may come back soon and wouldn’t care to start an account there.

I’ve been swimming quite often lately- it has been very warm here.

I hope to receive the pictures in your next letter. The last I heard from Beany is a letter of Dec. 4th. Hope he went through the recent fighting O.K. Let me know when you hear from him.



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