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Nellie January 11th, 1945

May 16

Notice Of Classification

Notice Of Classification

“Dearest Kids,

Well hows my kiddies. Fine I hope. We are on the tail end of our cleaning. We cleaned Milly’s room today and we just have the sun porch left upstairs and we’ll do that tomorrow in 2 hrs.

Yesterday I cleaned Susan’s room and washed, starched, and ironed all her doll dresses and dressed them last nite. I wouldnt do this cleaning again if someone handed me $100.00. I told the folks tonite I wouldnt. All the rooms are so large and white wood work. Downstairs its a front room, study room, dining room, kitchenette with a pantry kitchen, a large hall and a screened-in porch. Upstairs is a long hall, three bedrooms, and linen closets.

The bathrooms are black and white. Its a very nice house. I think they have it much nicer here then in Robbinsdale. You’ll see all when you get here. They are looking forward for you kids to come. Its a large basement with a room and bathroom for a maid who ever have them. Milly isnt touching the basement at tall. The laundry room with the tubs in, is quite clean. We are covering the floor with paper.

Jerry do you think you will be called now. Lorne said they wouldnt call you on account of ulcers and you have a government job. If they do just tell them your stomach is bad. Now do this Jerry. I’m so worried about you being called. I’m just sick. I havent heard from Beany yet. Its now over a month. Its never been so long before. I pray for him so much. Do you think hes alright Jerry? Cliff hasnt heard yet. I’m here so he has wrote me a letter the 17-18-23-25-26-27-28 I got today. Bless his heart. He thinks Im alone at Robbinsdale. He said mom please get Jerry to shovel the snow off your sidewalks and have they come over often to see you. He sure worries about me. He asked me how my stomach was and if I ever have gallstone spells. His letters are wonderful.

Next Saturday they are having a couple over for chicken supper. Some people they knew at Hawaii. We were there for supper the first nite we were here.

Susan started school Tuesday. She goes in the morning only. The bus picks her up at 8:30 then brings her back 11:45. She sure enjoys it so much. It cost $10.00 a month for her going. She enjoys her blackboard so much. Do I ever like my slippers and my set. You couldnt have given me anything I want more than that.

Sniffy is fine. I pick a wood tick once in awhile but he hasnt had many lately. I think he got them from the floors here before we got them clean. I’m telling you this house was the dirtiest house I ever saw but it sure is nice now. Its really a beautiful house with Lt. Col. Wards name outside, beautiful trees and a fish pond. There is quite a few gold fish in it. Lorne and Susan feed them bread.

Next Sunday we are to have supper at the Officer’s Club and play Bingo. They play every Sunday nite. Must close now and jump to bed. Write often. I love you.


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