Beany January 12th, 1945

May 17

General Hospital Near Liege, Belgium

General Hospital Near Liege, Belgium

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

They still have me in a hospital but my bruises are about healed. I dread going back in this cold weather but I’ve enjoyed a much needed rest.

I read where you’ve had some more severe cold weather. Hope you don’t have to be out in it very much. So far it hasn’t been that cold here but constant exposure and war make it rough.

I haven’t had any mail from anyone since the latter part of December and it will be a few weeks till it catches up now so I won’t be able to comment on any of your mail that is somewhere in transit following me.

Hope you still visit Mom and Milly often- see that she doesn’t go out in this cold weather. She doesn’t need to work, especially now.

I really feel lost or isolated without mail- it’s a must over here for us.

Hope you had nice cheerful holidays and received a lot of gifts! I’ve practically forgotten all joys of holidays, birthdays, etc. as all days are simply identical here. Of well, think of all thats in store for me when I get to enjoy it again some day.

Much love, Beany”

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