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Nellie January 29th, 1945

May 25

Bayer Aspirin Ad, 1945

Bayer Aspirin Ad, 1945

“Dear Jerry & Jean,

Today Monday I finally got a letter from you. I really didnt know what to think. I thought maybe you had forgotten your mother in the South. It took 6 days to get here.

We sure have been suffering with a cold all of us. But guess Ive had it the worse. At first I had it so bad in my chest and I finally got it out of there and now its in my right side of my face & head. I live on Bayer’s tablets all the time and I’m getting so run down and weak from it.

The lady next door said this was the unhealthys climate in U.S. for people who are bothered with any kind of neuralgias. I have always been bothered with aches in my joints in damp weather. Ill see now in a couple of weeks if I dont get over it. Ill have to come to the Minnesota climate again.

Lorne’s nose runs all the time. He gets so disgusted. He came home Wed last week at 10:30 and went to bed and stayed there all day and Sat he came home at 4 and went to bed. When he came home today his nose was so red. Susan didnt go to school today. Shes been laying down. Milly got us some Timms pills to take but they are so strong I get a headache from them. They are suppose to build you up. Milly feels alright now.

It rained all day Sunday and so foggy and today its nice. The weather is so changeable here. I know I cant take this aching any more. Guess I’m getting to old. Its cold in Minn. but the air is so much different.

I hear from my boys often. I have gotten about 12 letters from Cliff and about 10 from Beany. His last letter was of Jan 10th. He said he was feeling swell again and would soon join his Co. He hasnt rec’d no mail yet and said that was his biggest worries now. He thinks of me wondering it I’m out in the cold weather going to work and told me not to work when its cold cause I didnt need to and for me to use his money for whatever I needed and that he wanted me comfortable in every way, for gosh sakes and take care of myself for my soldier boys as they want to take me out when they got here. ‘Do you know of any hot night clubs’ he wrote. He tries to cheer me up.

He has wrote long letters to. Ill save them so you can read them when I get back. I spose by now hes back there again. I havent been worrying so much when he was in the hosp. but now things look brighter over there so maybe it wont last long. Lets pray it dont. Beany said to they maybe home before I realize it.

I hear from Dolores quite often. She sure is nice to write to me. Last letter she wasnt feeling good and they had put her to bed. She hears from Beany often to. Beany also wrote when he gets home hes going to get married and settle down. Hes glad he has such a nice girl waiting for him. And Cliff guess he’ll be my stand by but must say I’ll like to see him get a girl to. He may some day but I really dont think he will till Mom’s gone. He wants to take care of me.

Must close for this time. I’ll write again soon and hope you both are fine. Greetings from us all.


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