Beany February 4th, 1945

May 30

Russian Troops Liberate Auschwitz Prisoners

Russian Troops Liberate Auschwitz Prisoners

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

I’m leaving the hospital in a day or two and the Doctor is recommending me for reassignment to a non-combatant job for awhile. I guess my nerves are sorta bad and I’m generally run down. I feel rather good to know I won’t have to duck shells and sleep in wet foxholes for awhile. I guess I’ve done my share of fighting however. I will sure enjoy a chance to relax- I hope I get a good job out if it.

I should get my mail soon after I leave here. I haven’t had any since the middle of December so I don’t know how any of you are. Hope the new manpower act won’t affect you any. It shouldn’t with your line of work.

I’ll try to do a little shopping if I can and get all of you some souvenirs. The war is progressing quite well at present- hope they don’t decide to use me in the Pacific but I’ll sweat it out.



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