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Cliff February 13th, 1945

May 31

US Attacks Japanese In Manila

US Attacks Japanese In Manila

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

I received your V-mail of Jan. 28th and several letters from Mom this week. She has sent me copies of Beany’s letters up to Jan. 10th but I haven’t heard from him since his letter of Dec. 25th. I imagine he is back to duty by now. The news is good but the war seems to drag on and on.

Mom said in her last letter that Georgia weather doesn’t agree with her. She has a cold and was bothered with neuralgia. I imagine she will be back to Minnesota soon. I know she likes being with Milly but she misses her friends and relatives at home, too. She said that Inga wanted her to stay with her.

Today it has been raining- it has stopped now so I plan to go to a movie tonight. Tomorrow I’m going to visit that fellow from Madison- I mentioned him in a former letter.

I’ll bet it was nice seeing Jack again- where was he sent now after his boot training? Greet him from me when you write.

I’m going to the day room now to have a couple of brews before show time. Bye now.

Love, Cliff”

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