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Nellie February 21st, 1945

June 1

Eating Canned Rations On The Battlefield

Eating Canned Rations On The Battlefield

“Dear Jerry and Jean,

Got your letter today Jean. We sure were glad to hear from you. This was the first letter in two months so it really was time you wrote to us.

So Jack is in Great Lakes. He sure is not far from home. I should think he would be glad hes so close to home. He maybe could come home some weekends and your folks could go and see him to. I sure wish my boys were so close to me.

I hope you got the pkge we sent you. We got a big kick out of sending this. Jerry and his cocoa.

Milly is to a music doings this p.m. Mrs Bob Miller asked her this morning. Its for her pupils. She gives them lessons. Its in the officers club. I was asked to but I stayed home with Susan. She is going to start school again tomorrow morning. She has such a good appetite now.

I got a letter from Cliff yesterday written Feb. 9th and Beany’s Jan 31. I hope we hear soon what is the trouble with his stomach. I sure hope he can come home if he should have ulcers. No wonder they get sick in their stomach eating what they have to on battlefields out of cans. Lorne said its terrible. We expect Lorne home today. Then when he comes home he goes to Texas for 5 days.

I got 1/2 dozen corners for Cliff’s album. He asked me to send him some and I got him a book of cards- views of Benning and Columbus and we put in his box 4 pkges of gum. All that come to 8 oz. so I can send him something else now on his request.

You should see the buses that go by full of soldiers. I’m sitting writing in my window upstairs so I see everything going by.

Last Sun nite I went all alone and played Bingo but no luck. I won 2 times. Got 95¢ and $1.15 but I played it back. A Col. and his wife took me home. I met them at the club a couple of weeks ago. When I come in Milly said, ‘Mom who took you home!’. I sure laughed at her. Pretty excited I guess.

I got a check from the income tax for $8.87 in Dads name but I cant cash it so maybe I’ll keep it till I get back and go and see them. Its from Mpls. I’m going to ask Lorne what I shall do when he gets home.

Well must close and hope you are fine. Write me all news.

Love Mom”

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