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Nellie March 5th, 1945

June 7

Church at Fort Benning

Church at Fort Benning

“Dear J. & J.,

I wrote you a long letter Sat eve but I got a letter from my Beany boy today so I thought I’d write it to you.

‘Dear Mom & Milly,

I’m still waiting to be sent to my new assignment. It feels nice to be away from the fronts and to live half decently again. I’m getting well rested and feel fine again.

I’ve been wondering now what may happen to me when the war is over here. Being on limited assignment should keep me from going to the Pacific but I may get into the occupation for awhile. But I may be lucky enough to come home. Let’s hope so. Anyhow, I am now comparatively safe so don’t worry about me anymore now.

I’ve had no mail as yet so I know nothing about you. It’s been two mos. since I rec’d mail.

I am quite sure I’ll get to my new job this week. I hope it is interesting and that the quarters are decent. I will gladly accept any job in the rear after being in the fronts for six months.

Here’s hoping you are all well and I’ll send my address as soon as I get there.

Much love, Beany’

Every letter I get now sounds better and I’m a happy Mother. I can hardly wait to see them both again. Cliff wrote he didnt expect a furlough for 2 yrs. but all depended on the war.

It is so warm here now. We have our doors and windows wide open. Sunday Milly & I went to Church and in the afternoon we went to show. Seen ‘Keep Your Powder Dry’. See it.

We went to the club for supper and then played Bingo. I won $1.50. Milly did to. Lorne won twice but of course we played it all back again. Its for a good cause. They are raising money for an iron lung for the hospital here.

The folks went out to play golf yesterday after we come from the show. Its the first time they played golf together.

I’m sitting sweating writing this letter. Wish you had some of this weather there.

Well must close and go up to the P.X. and post office. Hope you are well and write more often.

Greetings from us all.


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