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Nellie March 12th, 1945

June 11

Officers Dance

Officers Dance

“Dearest Kids,

Tonite Susan and I are alone. The folks went to a party. They went for supper and then dancing. Its a party for the Weapon Officers that Lorne is in. Milly wore her black formal and looked so nice. She also had a gardenia in her hair. Such big shots. They sure are on a go all the time.

Friday she had two tables of bridge here and served ice tea, coffee and cake. Last nite Lorne played golf so we went to show. Seen ‘I’ll Be Seeing You’. I liked it pretty well. When we got home about 9 oclock some couple had called. Lorne was home, to come and play bridge so off they went at 9:30. Came home about 12:30.

I got a letter from Beany yesterday and hes now were hes suppose to be and likes it so well. He said it was all kinds of people and good cooks, bakers, barbers, and tailors. They have dances and parties twice a month so he was going to buy new clothes now. He asked me to send him shorts, socks., Lt.’s bars and cross rifles, a pr of leather bedroom slippers size 10, and his civilian shoes, elgin watch and to send him $100.

Today I wrote him an air mail and sent a money order for $100, 14 6¢ air mail stamps, and some pictures. Lorne bought him his bars and cross rifles last nite and Monday we are getting stuff at the club like shorts and socks, hankies. Tues Milly is driving to Columbus to the dentist so Ill buy his slippers. Ill send him his box Tuesday. His shoes and watch Ill send him when I get home.

I dont think Ive been so happy for months. To think my boy can live a good life again. He said he was sure he’d see us this year to. He wrote mom do this mom do that. Bless his heart. Mom will do anything for him and all of you.

I want to get a home so when the boys come they have a home to come to. I have to buy some furniture to. Im going back to work again. I’m able bodied now. Soon I’ll be to old. Inga makes nearly $40 a week.

Sunday afternoon we are going to see ‘God Is My Co Pilot’ then to Bingo. We are having chicken for Sun dinner.

Dont work to hard you love bugs. Much love and write.


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