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Nellie March 13th, 1945

June 13

Pamphlet Given To GIs Upon Arrival

Pamphlet Given To GIs Upon Arrival

“Dear Kids,

Just finished letters to the boys. I was to show tonite. Seen ‘God Is My Co Pilot’. It was so good. Sun nite we played Bingo. I won $2.20 and the folks lost about $2.50. I sure laughed at them. Lorne gets a kick out of playing tho.

We are driving to Columbus tomorrow. Milly and Sue are going to the dentist and I’m going to do some shopping. I have to get slippers, hose, hankies, and I’m sending Beany some vitamin pills to. Got all the rest here so I’m sending his box Wed morning. Am sending Cliff to a 5 lb box.

I got a letter from Beany today. It was forwarded from home to so it came in 8 days to Robbinsdale. That sure is good time. Ill write his letter to you now.

‘My new outfit is fine and I’ve been assigned Asst Post Exchange & Special Service Officer. The work is new to me but it is interesting and everyone is patiently cooperating with me. I may go to Paris soon for a special school for about 7 days. If so, I plan to buy some new clothing and perhaps a few souvenirs for you.

At present I’m nearly broke so if that $100 money order don’t get here before I go I’ll have to use my credit. I’m feeling fine except for a slight head cold. Food is excellent here and I’m afraid I’ll start putting on weight. I plan to start a sports program here and then I’ll get some exercise.

Hurry up and write to the new address as I’m longing for mail. None of my mail has reached me yet.

Hope all of you are feeling fine and that spring has set in again. You must have had a bad winter according to the papers.

Love, Beany’

I sent him $100 Sat so hope the poor kid will get it in time. The cross rifles and Lts bars we got him is so nice.

I plan to come back about April 2nd. Ill stay over the folks birthday and East Sun. Am getting them something at Columbus.

I’m so happy now Beany is safe, well, and has an easy job. Lorne said he sure got a break.

Well must close and go to bed. After mid nite now. Hope to hear from you soon.

Love Mother”

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