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Nellie March 17th, 1945

June 14

University Of Paris

University Of Paris

“Dear J. & J.,

Today has been sure a hot day here and tonite to. We have the windows wide open. It must be just terrible in the summer.

I got your letter today, thanks. Glad you are both fine. So you got your powder Jean. I’m glad you did. Milly got some perfume but mine hasnt come yet. I cant understand it. Dolores to has gotten all hers to. She got a beautiful bracelet from Beany. She wrote and told me.

Today we were over to our neighbor for lunch. She had a party and such a big lunch she had to. So fancy.

I have gotten 2 letters from Cliff this week with a money order for $50. He said for me to buy the folks something for their birthdays and also for Sue for Easter and for me to buy myself something nice. He sure is so thoughtful always.

I got 2 letters from Beany one of Mar 2-4. His last letter was written in Paris. He was going to the University of Paris for 7 days. A course of Information and Education and it deals with athletic programs orientation and so forth. He seems so happy to. Bless his heart. He wrote his Div was right in the midst of it now and hopes his boys were alright.

Glad you like your candy. The folks went to bed early tonite. Lorne was all in from golfing all evening and Milly had cramps. It is 11:30 now.

I plan to leave here April 2 or 3 for sure. Im really getting terrible homesick now. I’m going to stay with Inga for a couple of weeks then Im going to Appleton to visit and then I plan to work again. I cant keep up spending the boy’s money. They said for me to use whatever I want but I dont feel that way.

Well must close for now. Greetings from us all. I love you.


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