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Nellie March 26th, 1945

June 26

Bombs To Be Dropped Over Germany

Bombs To Be Dropped Over Germany

“Dear J. & J.,

Sue and I were to show tonite- a double feature. Milly and Lorne are to a dancing party. I rec’d your letter today and one from Dolores and Beany. I also got a card from Beany this week. A picture of the college he went to. Sais he’s feeling fine and gaining weight. He had gotten two of my letters I wrote the first of Feb. Was so surprised we were in Benning. He knew I wouldn’t like the south as he sure hated it.

I expect to leave here Tues morning Apr. 4. Dont know just when I get to Mpls. Plan to call Dolores when I get to Chicago.

We were to Columbus yesterday and I was also there the day before with a lady from here. I bought Milly a very pretty bed jacket and Lorne a golf glove and tees and I got Sue a couple pr of bloomers for Easter and from Cliff I got Milly 2 pr hose, pipe for Lorne and a very nice doll for Susan. He told me to get her something nice.

Milly got notice from the post office at Robbinsdale to send 6¢ for a pkge from Beany. I was going to buy myself some clothes here but everything is so expensive. Guess I’ll wait till I get back. You have to pay $29.75 for only a cotton dress and from $8 to $10 for a hat. It must be on account of so many service people. They get advantage of them.

Tomorrow we are going to church and see a show ‘It’s A Pleasure’ with Sonja Henie and to Bingo in the evening. Hope I’m lucky again.

Hope your Easter box got to you alright. Everything is so nice here now. Flowers of all kinds in bloom but plenty hot at times. Yes I’ll have a lot to tell you when I get back.

I’ll write once more before I leave. Wish I could take Susan along. I’ll sure miss her.

Much love, Mother”

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