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Beany April 8th, 1945

July 24

Guarding German POWs at Camp Tophat

Guarding German POWs at Camp Tophat

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

I’m back from the Athletic School and I enjoyed it very well. It looks like I might get hooked to work on the proposed programs here after VE Day. I won’t mind it for awhile because it would be better than going to the CBJ. Of course, none of us know our fate yet but it looks now like the beginning of the end!

I’m becoming more familiar with my work here and it is interesting. We have had a couple officer’s parties. The EM have their own orchestra and we get nurses and some French girls for partners. So I am slowly regaining a touch of social life.

I received 12 Xmas packages the other day so I think I have most of them now. Thank you for your gifts and food. Some of the candy, etc. had spoiled but I enjoyed a late Xmas all by myself.

Mom wrote that she was leaving Georgia for home again. I didn’t think she would like the South but I’m sure she will miss Susan a lot. If she doesn’t feel up to it be sure she doesn’t work much. She needn’t as far as the money is concerned but it perhaps helps pass her time.

Your pictures were good- I’m sending a couple that a fellow took here. They aren’t very good but I’m going to take some more soon, as I have a new uniform now. A blouse, pinks, etc. It will feel good to clean up again in new clothing. Wish I were there to step out in them.

From all I’ve read, Jerry, it looks like they are easing up on the conscription so it looks like you will remain a happy civilian. I’ve nearly forgotten about those days but with the proper guidance I may readjust myself again some day.

I still haven’t gotten you any souvenirs but I won’t forget so be patient. Guess Christ and the rest are gunning for you by now with all your luck. I’m afraid you would take me too. I’ve only played cards about twice the past year. But other gambles and chances I’ve taken have been on the black ledger so I guess I’ve had my share of luck too.

Au revoir for now- I’m behind on mail so I have to write everyone this morning. Good luck,


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