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Beany April 17th, 1945

July 25

Liberation Of Bergen-Belsen

Liberation Of Bergen-Belsen

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

This is certainly a beautiful day here- I’m going to a nearby race track and bet on a few French nags. All of the races are fixed but if you wink at the jockeys and slip them a few cigarettes, you usually can find out the winners. These French are sure crazy people!

I had a few pictures taken today in my new dress uniforms- they should be ready when I write you again. Fate has been on my side, I guess, to afford me with all these luxuries. Wish I knew what the future holds after hostilities cease here.

They are going great guns up front now and anything could happen. I suppose optimism is high over there again. It doesn’t seem true any more that the end is so close.

I thought about your birthday, Ome, but I guess I failed to send my best to you. I’ve been trying to find a suitable souvenir for you but be patient- I’ll not forget you. The powder wasn’t much, Jean, but I’ll send something better soon.

The boys are rushing me- so Au Revoir until later.



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