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Beany April 20th, 1945

July 26

German POWs Erect Tents At Camp Tophat

German POWs Erect Tents At Camp Tophat

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

Just a short note tonight- I rec’d a letter from you today. I was very sorry to hear about Leigh passing away so suddenly. I wish you would have sent me his parents address but perhaps you can send them my condolences and sorrow. We all must die sometime, but we can’t all die for something. Losing two from one family is a big price for this blasted war.

Things look pretty good from the correspondent’s pen but remind some of those people that this War is far from over. In my estimation the cessation of hostilities is not going to finish it for us. When we change the poisoned minds of these Krauts, we may be able to breath easy again.

From my observation here and the little I hear, they intend resisting until we completely annihilate them all. These birds that are caged up now are our big headache. I may sound bitter to you , but these are cold facts that a lot of folks at home don’t realize.

I’m glad Hada is happy to be home again. Those other picture will be ready for the next letter.



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