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Beany May 5th, 1945

July 30

Beany Awarded The Silver Star

Beany Awarded The Silver Star

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

Rec’d your letter and am glad you are getting such good action on the glasses. Incidentally I had another check made on my eyes and they aren’t off very much. This Doc said I really didn’t need to wear them all the time- only when I read or am exposed to bright light, artificial light, etc. Strain has caused most of my trouble.

Many dramatic things have happened the past week and they may have some bearing on the end, which is only a matter of time now. I think I’l remain right here for some time but that could be changed too.

I’m having a souvenir made for you two that you should like. It will be ready in a week or two. I sent Dolores a beautiful oil painting of herself from a picture I had. Ask her to tell you about it. Also sent her my Silver Star- she is going to send it on to Hada.

Love, Beany”

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