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Beany July 6th, 1945

August 23

Croix De Guerre

Croix De Guerre

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

Happy Independence Day to you- it was exactly one year ago today that I set foot on the soil of France. If it would interest you we landed on Utah Beach but didn’t start fighting until the eighth. That’s the day that both my Platoon leader and Sergeant were hurt.

We still don’t have anything new on the date we will leave here. It seems the French aren’t ready to take over just yet. I still think that I will be home before year is out.

I got the order from the French Government for the Croix De Guerre but not the medal. Suppose some guy will be along soon and kiss me on both cheeks. It also counts five more points so I have 99 now. If I were still a Tech. Sgt., I would be home toot sweet (very quickly).

Wrote for the time I spent in the Guards and I now have slightly more than six years in which entitles me to 1st Lt’s pay from the time I was commissioned so even if I were to make 1st it wouldn’t mean any more money to me. Not bad jumping from a Sgt. to 1st Lt., eh? Hope I can think of something to do when Uncle lets me loose. Maybe I’ll take that year’s schooling and learn more about business administration. Wish I were good enough to tour the links with the pros bu I’m too old now to think of the good old days. In fact this business has put a few gray hairs in my head.

You must have your ash tray by now- it isn’t much but I’ll try to get something more for you both before I come home. That word sounds like Heaven to me.

That’s it for now- I’m about ready to give up this sport of typing.



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