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Cliff July 11th, 1945

August 27

Baguio, Luzon 1945

Baguio, Luzon 1945

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

I just came back from a trip up into the mountains and I really spent an enjoyable day. It was very much cooler than where I am located, beautiful scenery, pine trees and clean fresh air that reminds you of spring at home. I visited a town that must have been very nice before the war- of course, now much of it is in ruins. I went to a theatre which is like those back home- it was the first comfortable seat I’ve had at a movie in almost two years.

I received your letter of June 25th- also received a Fighters Digest from Mom. It seems to take longer for our letters to reach one another here than in Espiritu Santo.

I’m sure Beany’s Silver Star medal is very nice and also the oil painting of Dolores. I haven’t heard from Beany or Milly for quite some time.

I’m sure Mom enjoyed the birthday supper you had for her. Hope I can be home to help her celebrate it next year.

I’ve several more letters to write so bye for now.



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