Cliff July 18th, 1945

August 28

Homesick Hill, The Philippines

Homesick Hill, The Philippines

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

Received your V-mail of May 28th- seems like it takes longer to get mail here than in the Hebrides. I see you had a nice birthday party, Jerry. Wish I could have been there.

By now your vacations are over- I’ll bet it seemed good to have a few days to yourselves. What lake did you go to? Did you get some good snapshots? Be sure to send some to me.

I have two rolls of film but no way to get them printed at present. I’ve been going to several movies lately- saw a good stage show last week. The schedule calls for one stage performance a week here now.

I am working in a dental clinic and getting along fine. Hope to hear from you again soon.

Love, Cliff”

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