Cliff July 25th, 1945

August 30

Plaza Miranda, Manila 1945

Plaza Miranda, Manila 1945

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

I received your letter of July 9th this morning and the one of July 5th a few days ago. I am a little late in writing this week because I have been on a short pass to Manila. I had a very enjoyable time, saw many places of interest on a sight seeing tour, saw a couple of shows- one a good stage show and visited a few of the so-called night spots. There’s more to tell about the city which will have to wait until I see you again. It seemed darn good to get away from the routine of the Army for a few days.

I met Russell Schluchter from Holloway in Manila. I think you remember him, Jerry. He asked about you and Beany. I only had a short talk with him then but will see him later again, perhaps. I haven’t any idea where either Fred Blank or Cecil Krier are located-do you know their addresses?

I am still on detached service and getting along fine. Greetings to your family, Jean.

Love, Cliff”

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