Beany August 1st, 1945

September 5

German POWs

German POWs

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

We have spent the past week turning our POW camp over to the French. We are now living in an old French Chateau about seven miles from Le Mans. We aren’t doing much here but playing ball, swimming and a few classes. Guess we will sit here until they decide what to do with us. Shipping is scarce now so it may be some time in case they decide to send us home. The troops going to the Pacific have priority and there are a lot of them to be shipped from here yet.

Dolores said you had rec’d the ash tray. Hope you like it. It was all hand made by one of our prisoners. I also sent Jean some perfume that should be there by now.

I’ve been trying to think of my future as a civilian but it’s difficult planning anything so far from home. Maybe I’ll go to school for awhile or set up a business of some kind. Is your inspector job going to last or will it be just for the duration? I’ll write more often again now that we are settled.



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