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Beany August 11th, 1945

September 7

Nagasaki After The Bomb

Nagasaki After The Bomb

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

In a few days we are leaving for another assignment. We are getting another POW camp near the German border. When time and space become available, we will go home from there, I guess. Sure would like to make it by Xmas but if I don’t I understand why. With Russia in the Jap war and the new bomb it may end much sooner now.

I’ve been sick in bed the past few days. I’ve had an upset stomach and general nervousness. I’m up now but am woosy and weak. I am on a diet now and quiet living.

I’ll be near my old battleground up there and plan to go look it over under a different viewpoint.

We’ve had a good rest here a this French Chateau. Swimming, ball games, movies, and very little work. I’ll tell you all about the new place and country in the next letter.



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