Cliff September 1st, 1945

September 14

Operation Magic Carpet- Soldier Return Home 1945

Operation Magic Carpet- Soldiers Return Home 1945

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

I am a couple of days late in writing this week but I’ve been waiting for a letter from you- I received a letter from Milly today dated Aug. 17th. She sent three snapshots of Susan, Lorne, herself and Sniffy. They were very good of them. I think Susan has grown so much!

Mom’s letter of Aug. 19th stated that Lorne would be discharged from the Army on Sept. 1st. I was surprised to hear that he was getting out so quickly. It was sure good news- they should be home very soon.

I have sixty eight points to date and eighty will be the next critical score so I will be eligible for discharge in about six months. There is a chance of the score being lowered some more but transportation seems to be the problem. Conditions in that respect should become better all the time. I hope Beany can be with you before the end of the year. 

What are Jack’s chances of getting out of the Navy in the near future? I received T-shirts, candy, and a book in a package from Mom today.

Hope to receive a letter from you soon.

Love, Cliff”

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