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Beany September 2nd, 1945

September 17

Troops Heading To Le Havre To Be Shipped Home

Troops Heading To Le Havre To Be Shipped Home

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

I just heard that Lorne will be a civilian by the time you receive this. I’m happy to hear about it. Still have no idea when I’ll get home except what the papers and news say. It should be by Xmas tho and that would be wonderful after five years away from home at Xmas time. 

I’m kept much busier here than the other place. I’m the Chief Post Exchange, Special Service, Athletic and I&E Officer now. I also have our 11 piece orchestra to book and take around to Nancy, Metz, and surrounding places. They are really a hot band now and play all the latest numbers. My dancing is slowly improving but I can’t stand late hours like the good old days. I’ve acquired a nice officers wardrobe now but won’t mind hanging them away in a closet for my children to admire.

Have you any idea how long your job will last now. I’ve been toying with a number of ideas about my future but being over here sort of throws a log on them. Suppose I’ll find something, tho, at least a good corner for selling apples. While reconverting of War plants goes on there will be long lines of unemployment for some time but eventually there should be years of prosperity with a higher standard of living.

Thanks for the letter Jean- it was very interesting and contained much news. Hope you’ll find time to write more often.

I’ll let you know on any developments that happen about me but it will be some time, I think, before they remember I’m still here.

As ever,


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